Descriptive data sheet Snail Secretion Filtrate Cantine Cantile

The product The snail’s burr produced by “Cantine Cantile Farm” is a liquid obtained by the manual stimulation of the snails belonging to the Helix aspersa species born and breeded in Italy. The production of burr is a defense reaction to an external disturbance and a snail can produce around 3g of burr. Stimulation can not be repeated several times a day because the animal would be subject to strong dehydration so it is preferable to wait at least two days between the first extraction and the next, allowing the snail to feed and restore its normal life conditions.

The produced burr is collected and filtered in two stages and does not undergo any chemical intervention, apart from the addition of microbiological stabilizers. For these reasons our snail’s burr is pure and suitable for professional use in cosmetic and homeopathic formulations.


Properties: The snail’s burr has protective, moisturizing and film-forming properties and its viscous consistency is attributable to the large mucopolysaccharide content. The burr, thanks to the significant content of naturally occurring glycolic acid, as well as collagen, elastin, allantoin, lactic acid, antiproteases, vitamins and minerals, has a series of properties listed below:

  • Moisturizing and soothing effect
  • Nutritive and regenerating power
  • Anti-wrinkle and anti-stretch marks efficacy
  • Effectiveness against acne marks, spots and scars


Applications: Snail’s burr is mainly used for the creation of anti-aging cosmetics. However, the product is also used in the formulation of homeopathic syrups against cough because the enzymes contained in it contribute to thin the phlegm, favoring its elimination from the bronchi; it also favors the reconstruction of the damaged epithelium inside larynx and bronchi.


Work enviroment, quality and respect for animals


“Cantine Cantile” farm is based in an area without industrial settlements. The outdoor breeding method is ecological and respectful of snails; it takes place exclusively in open

field, letting the snails graze freely in large enclosures where they have enough space to live and mate.

The snails feed on chard and salads seeded from organic seeds and grown without the use of synthetic inorganic fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides. The extraction of the burr involves a manual stimulation that is not lethal for the animals that, after the burr harvesting, are put back on the field.


Organoleptic characteristics:

Aspect:  Just opalescent liquid with possible presence of foam on the surface.

Colour:  Amber/yellow

Odour:  Characteristic

GMO: Snail’s burr produced by “Cantine Cantile Farm” does not contain any DNA recombinant enzyme obtained by genetic engineering and we accomplish the Italian and European laws on the matter (Regulation EC 1829/2003 and Regulation EC 1830/2003).


Allergens: For use for food purposes (for example in syrup formulations intended to be ingested) consider that the snail’s burr CONTAINS potential food allergens typical of Molluscs and products based on molluscs.

When used for cosmetic purposes the product can be considered free of cosmetic allergens (Dir. 2003/15 / CE and subsequent modifications).



Written by Dott.ssa Claudia Cantile

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